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Eclipse is a faction dedicated to mutual aid and long-term solutions. They believe the ends justify the means. Each member is encouraged to operate as they think best, eschewing rules and regulations.

Status Active
Alignment Rogue
Leader Killsat

Mission Statement

“The sun is 400 times larger than the earth's moon. And yet the moon can completely block out the sun's light. It's all about being at the right place at the right time and then doing whatever it takes.”


Eclipse operates both legally and illegally. They operate Penumbra LLC, which provides services powered by its members, as well as administrating their laundered assets.

Eclipse operate a protection racket in their territory, and are also involved in portal smuggling of substances like LSD and organizing illegal events like street racing.

(Not public knowledge:Eclipse's base is hidden on the upper levels of Woodward Health Clinic funded by Penumbra LLC )



The faction was founded with Killsat, Thane and Symphony (Kinetic Cold joining soon after) as the founding members. Subsequent members are Firebrand and Caliber as well as ex-hero Kaladin.

Orphanage Alliance

Eclipse made headway into controlling parts of the city, before being stalled out by competition from the rival Faceless and the efforts of hero groups Clarion and Forerunners. Faced with increasingly bad odds, Eclipse made the decision to ally themselves with the Leeches, another small, new and especially vulnerable faction in Detroit. The Orphanage served as the alliance's shared base. Together they managed to stem the tide, claiming much of the Northwest of Detroit and extending their tendril throughout Detroit's underworld.

Cracks Forming

The event surrounding the Leeches' cape Fractal led to tensions between Eclipse and the Leeches. These were massively exacerbated by the Leeches performing an operation on the Orphanage's children to attempt to give them powers, resulting in the mutation of one of the children and the melding of the other two. These tension went so far as to bring Killsat to attempt to exact revenge on Leech by teaming up with cape factions outside the alliance.

Territorial Expansion

After the death of Faceless' leader Nike, Eclipse started to expand their territory into former Faceless lands, mainly by new members Everyone and Kingsman. A push toward the similary weakening Street Sharks was also made.

The "Parahuman Murderer" Investigation

Everyone, Masquerade and Renegade participated in the investigation of the streak of murders that had parahuman perpetrators. During the Graveyard fight against Shadowdancer, Renegade lost his life.

Bug Invasion/Fog Incident

Everyone, Kingsman and Masquerade participated actively in the united cape offensive during the Bug Invasion/Fog Incident. Masquerade last his life in the first fight to shut down a fog portal.


Past Members

Parahumans Online

This is us! We're always recruiting, so don't hesitate to shoot me a message on here. ~Starstrike

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