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An ex-debutante mook who has survived the worst Grand Haven can throw at him, Cardinal (formely Bishop) has seen most of his friends and teammates killed in no less than three seperate cape massacres.

Status Active
Classification Man with Gun, Normie 12, Verified Badass
Faction None
Alias Billy “Bishop” Hopkins
Age 31
Origin Grand Haven


No powers.

Costume Description

A heavy set man with multiple scars and heavy, tinker tech augmented armour. A large white cross is emblazoned on his helmet and right arm. His fist appears to have a tinkertech piston attachment, and his boots have engine like vents. Several grenades, pistols and a shotgun hang from straps on his outfit, and a thick riot shield is strapped to his arm. Frequently keeps his visor up to smoke cigars or use toothpicks.



Prodigal. Idealogue.


Capes who get away with murder. Alcazar. The Unconcious. Templar. Tiresias.


Survived the destruction of Elite HQ. Survived the destruction of the Nightclub.

Killed the Unconscious after the Unconscious murdered debutante, strucker, jack and whiplash.

Blew up Inks in the Divison blue base, and effectively ended Divison Blue by consigning Inks to hospital (in revenge for Inks faking the unconcious’ death).

Accidentally caused Wyldlife to be founded.

Fought child of light on even terms for 10 rounds.

Vandalized the child-killing doctor Tiresias's house.

Defeated several capes in the Smithy.

Shot Ferox and saved Prodigals life after the Ferox x Prodigal confrontation

Parahumans Online

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